October 21, 2014

Venezia..unique place in the world!

Hello my dear readers! It's time for me to slowly come back to my blog..A lot of things have changed since my last post, I finished university, took a road trip to europe, started master degree and so many more things...But let's not rush and talk about everything on its time :)
So..Lets begin with the trip to Italy, Venice. All this was my boyfriends idea so the whole trip was organised by him and of course he did a great job! As we travelled by car, we arrived in Venezia very tired, but as we left our car on parking, our adventure started! 

Find out about how we spent our time and places we've visited.
If interested, continue reading :)
Water taxi from parking to the city, costed 60€, as we found out later it was kinda expensive, but at the moment we were in anticipation where we gonna be and what we are gonna see, so we didnt care ;)

We lived in Liassidi Palace Hotel, here is the 2 levels room (very sexy painting )

The interior of the hotel, btw it is situated right in the center of Venice, and this building has a very old and interesting history. Find more about it here .

the Canal near our hotel (on the right you can see Liassidi Palace Drop off from gondola or water taxi)

Mascs shop. You know anout Venezian Carnival, right? :)

Piazza San-Marco

Breakfast at the hotel

Happy me :)

Courtyard of Doge's Palace

View from one of the rooms in Doge's palace

Italian Gelato :)

since it's fashon blog...here is some fashion of past times :))

Lunch in "Rosso Pomodoro"

Going out for dinner..Piazza San Marco

Doge's Palace at night

Fantastic view from bell tower of St Mark's Basilica

Look at those rooftops!

Le Fenice Theater

Me listening to audioguide

And finally...Gondola ride!!!

Heading through Grand Canal

Dinner at "Grand Canal" Restaurant

Entrance to the "La Fenice Theater"

Last day..Love the cute little bridges.."Ponte Dei Carmini"

Last dinner...was the best dinner!)  At Trattoria Conca D'oro Pizzeria

Sea food is best in Italy

I was very happy! Because of awesome time in Venezia or my new hat?)))

Goodbye, Venice! Hope to come back :)

At the end, I want to say that Venice is very small, and has just a few places to visit, we've been there 4 days and it was even too much, usually people visit it for two days. But we walked a lot, tried to reach not touristic places, to enjoy breathing clean air (no cars around) and to realise that it's probably the only place in the world that remained the way it was build from the very beggining, no new houses, offices etc. This is that makes this city so special!

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