August 25, 2013

Grunge girl : Dr.Martens & Longchamp

Hey hey! Another summer post today ! :) 
I am wearing my favorite Dr. Martens shoes, they've been along with me most of summer but are first time on blog :) Printed reversible pants ( another side will show you in another post ) and a backpack - was searching for one since last summer in USA, but couldn'd find one that I will like, but not that long ago this piece from my wish-list became mine, even Longhchamp is a brand for travelers I think it's still appropriate in the city :) See full outfit.

August 20, 2013

Candy crush

Today, I continue with summer posts as promised, my post is called "candy crush" because I am wearing jewellery wich has a tasty colour and shape, and reminds me of something sweet :) 
In this post you will see awesome stone necklace and bracelets, handmaded by my cousin, (it's unique, and its very special for me, I am the only owner of it) flower jeans, and Nike wedge sneakers- at first, when world went crazy about those kind of footwear, I was very skeptical about them, because I stay away from super popular fashion peaces because I don't like to wear that everyone wears ;) Buuuut! When I saw those cute nikes when I was on vacation, with sparkly material, I decided to give them a try, and I think in this outfit they fit just perfect! :) Take a look.

August 19, 2013

Paisley print dress

Hello my blog visitors! Summer comes to end and last half of august promise to post all my favourite outfits of sumer that I haven't shown yet.
This dress  has unusual lenght for me, and style in general. I am used to wear mini or maxi, and  to midi I am new :) But I like a lot this dress, print is very bright and colourful, a real summer dress
Also must mention- this model of dresses has to be worn only with heels or wedges, unless you are super tall :) Take a look! 

August 8, 2013

Maxi Plum

This post is intented not to show my outfit first of all, but the place where the pictures were taken. What brought me there? My childhood! Today, I was looking through my old pictures and I found some photos from this place, a little wood bridge situated in a park nearby my house. And I wanted to go back there today and see if its still there and how it looks nowadays. 
So I wore a maxi dress from a very comfy material, its a savior from mosquitoes, because near also are three lakes :) And added some accessories like straw hat ( Gatsby inspiration) a silk vest and some bracelets. See full outfit ;)

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