March 10, 2015

Milano 2015

Duomo di Milano

Hello everyone, as promised- Milano post!
But...unfortunately when I started preparing photos I realised that it's just few of them on my phone..probably thats because I was not the first time in Milano and not so excited as I was 1st time :) All three days we were just severely shopping and storming the stores, and between that we had some delicious food (never tired to say again- Italian food is best!!)) Don't have phtos with a bunch of boutique bags, because by the time they all accumulated I was thinking only about getting to the hotel  and taking off my shoes as soon as possible, instead of posing...but...thats my bad :)
Anyway, I added a couple of photos, that will give you an immage about our short stay in the capital of shopping :)) see you soon!

Little hat by Georgio Armani :)))

My 1st Zanottis :)
Phillip Plein boutique
Dolce & Gabbana fitting room :)

Langoustines...I can eat them every day, 365 days a year :)))
Exhausted !)

Nice washstand in a restaurant

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