March 16, 2013

Burberry Rain Boots

Rain-NO, rain boots- YES! Nobody says rain boots should be worn exceptionally in rainy weather, they are also appropriate when you are walking in muddy place, or in a forest having a picnic or being by the lake- like I did. Doesn't it feels good to step wherever without thinking of ruining expensive shoes ? :) 
Talking in particular about my pair- they came to me straight from Canada. Their advantage is that thankfully to inserted fabric(not fully made from rubber) they look more representative which makes them go good with  a dress and other feminine stuff.
And also I must add, Burberry rain boots -this is classic! And a every season must have.

March 13, 2013

Deep Purple

Hey there, my people! Last week weather looks more like autumn than spring, but still trying to take advantage of last chances to wear coat and boots (don't think I will miss them but well...lets say :)) So here is how I wear my purple coat bought in USA Chicago outlet years ago...I think this purple goes great with khaki colour. And of course- stone accessories! The more- the better ;)

March 1, 2013

Pinky March

Finally! My favourite season and month are in action! Yet in middle of winter, I set myself that starting with 1st march no more dark coats! Only fresh, bright, pale colours! :)
Today was a really warm and sunny day, but still not hot enough, but who said you cant have a spring look and stay comfy warm both at same time? Here is my try ;)

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