August 18, 2012

Navy Pier

 Yesterday was a very loaded day we've been to so many places, we started our day by eating in Vapiano, I know this place from Germany. After that we went to Navy Pier, an amazing place, made me miss my family because thats one of their favourite places in Chicago. From Navy Pier we took a ride on water taxi, where we had a fantastic view on Downtown, arrived to the Museum Campus and took a walk around Buckingham fountain in Grant Park. Weather was awesome, day was just great! :)

August 14, 2012

Park Way

Pictures of this outfit were made nearby my place where I live in Chicago, It's a very nice alley with neat houses in classic Chicago style, my cousin in law- architect, told me a lot about it, especially the attributes by which you can recognize them. I will post some pictures later of the houses which I like the most but for's just me ;)

August 13, 2012


Today I spent the evening in another part of Chicago - Chinatown. We got there by water taxi, thankfully to it I got a chance to see the great architecture from another point of view, U can get a feeling of being hold by all these great buildings, like standing in the center of concrete jungle.

August 9, 2012

Roy Lichtenstein

 Today I spent the day as I always do on trips- in the morning cultural program, delicious lunch, coffee after, shopping, all day in the bustling city...oh can not I love it? 
As you can see, today I wento to an exhibition of a prominent American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. I knew him as a comic cartoon painter but today I found out much more about his life and what was "behind"his creations. I was amazed! The paintings were from private collections and taking pictures was mostly prohibited but as always I made some of them, unfortunately they cant pass all the emotions I had looking straight to them, I just love unusual and extraordinary unique things that I see in this world. Take a look and enjoy ;)

August 6, 2012


Hey guys! Finally writing this post from the great Chicago! I arrived here friday and since it's Lollapalooza this weekend right after a 14 hours flight we went to M83 afterparty in a nightclub, so only today I got  into the city and had a proper walk and took this pictures. Also today I got chance to listen to my favourite electro band -Justice! How cool is that?
By the way, not all of my readers know, but I used to go to high school in the United States, not far from Chicago also in Illinois, so being back after 4 years is so amazing! 
So this trip means a lot for me! 
I am just in love with US and especially Chicago....
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