June 30, 2013

Caramel Lace

For today I chose to renounce on bright screaming colours  and wore this caramel lace dress embellished with flower headband. Sometimes I like this kind of calm and romantic outfits.
Stefi chose today a denim dress with killer accesories, btw I am looking for one of this for a long time ;)

June 29, 2013


This funny blouse I bought almost a year ago in Chicago, I wore it a lot of times but don't know how I haven't got a chance since then to show it in my blog. Well, today is the day and I wear it with a pair of white shorts and red ballerinas. I think it looks smart and cute :) Also, I like to wear this blouse with white converse. 
P.s This is 4th photosession by my sister, she gets better and better, her outfit is in this post too ;)

June 28, 2013

Skirt or Shorts?

As our vacation with my lil sister continues, we continue to have a lot of fun all day and of course- making posts! Today we chose to wear pink gamma, because what colour is most girly and goes better with the tan? Of course pink, all kinds of pink :)
I am really in love with those large shorts, I think they highlight my tanned legs and make them look even longer than they are :) Also in this post- my new sunglasses. Oh...I love summer :)

June 26, 2013

Pink Snake Skin

Today is another sunny hot day, and second photoshoot made by my sister during our vacation.
I am wearing this dress for the first time, my dad bought it for me and told me that its totally my style! Of course, I agree- the unusual style and pink snake print( which I saw just now when editing photos, playing with shadows) make this dress special.
Also, my little fashionista is also posing in this post ;)

Red Japan

Today my inspiration for red and black outfit is the hotel in japanese style where I'm spending my vacation. I usually wait before I get tanned but I decided to start to show my summer outfits, because of exams feels that most of summer is already gone, so I need to get enough of it ! :)

Have to mention, that this photo-shoot is made by my 10 year old sister, with 50 mm lens, I think she did a great job, doing it first time! You will see here pictures of my little photographer too ;)

June 3, 2013

It's Pink Time

3rd day of summer is colder than it's expected to be, but I enjoy it, becuse I know there are many of hot days ahead. So I take the advantage of it and since it's summer I choose to dress warm but still bright and colourful. I chose fuchsia pants and oversized faded denim shirt, and combined with matchy accessories. Check it out :)

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