October 29, 2014

YSL Kiss & Blush

Hey there! today I decided to make a beauty post wich you know, I don't do much, But I thought it will be good to show you my favourite product since summer, when I got my first kiss&blush bottle. As you might notice- kiss&blush it's called because you can use it on cheeks(as a blush) and on lips. Now my collection consits of 3, and from the first sight it looks like they are the same but that's no true, in this post I tried to show you each one of them in detail.
Why do I like it? Because of:
  1. Rich colors
  2. Soft mat texture
  3. 2 in 1 savior for trips
  4. It's compact, fits even in a small clutch
  5. And it's easy to use, for a fast make up
Open full post for swatches and pictures of me wearing it.

 All photos are made nofilter, with Iphone 6, front camera.
№8                                                          №2                                                         №3

 № 8
 This color is the palest from my collection, makes my lips look natural, great for everyday.

This one is my 1st one and it remains my favourite. It's bright pink, Awesome for summer and not only, looks good with any color of skin.

№ 3
 Is more intense, I think better for evening and girls with dark hair. 

№8       №2      №3

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