May 30, 2013

Rose Roses

This outfit today I wore at my sisters graduation, she finished 4th grade! :)
Its a shame that on the tag of clothes they just write the composition and not the name of fabric (material) because I don't know how its called but it litterally reminds me of texture that covered sofas in 19th century :) Still, I never had something like this before, and thankfully to its thickness it keeps the shape. I combined it all with nude laquered heels and my new Guess bag.

May 19, 2013

Peonies Time

It's time for peonies! Favourite flowers of most of the girls!
All weekend I spent with my sister, awesome weather and awesome mood were our partners this days. We went together to some event that took place in our town and after this made some photos  while walking to the center to have some lunch. I wore a short sleeved blouse with some japanese print wich had peonies on it and bright pink pants with jacquard print on it. My favourite piece of outfit- shoes, check them out! 
P.s pics made by Stefi, my sister :)
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