July 10, 2013

Flowers all over

I am back from resort a couple of days already, unfortunately even if you go on vacation for long time it ends so fast :) But summer can be fun in city too, you just need to know places and have good people around :) This was my outfit on monday, went out for a milkshake and cheesecake in a cafe. Silk overall in flower print is perfect cloth for a hot day, you just put it on easily and feel so comfortable in it :)

July 5, 2013

Bikini top

Bikini top and maxi skirt is perfect outfit for an afternoon walk at hotel territory. I love juicy colours around and this atmosphere and tropic flower behind my ear makes me feel so "bounty".

July 4, 2013

Triangle sunset

Sunset and the sea..moments one can only dream about! Of course sea is mostly associated with blue colour so for this photo set I wore those blue skirt/shorts (in full post you will understand what I mean :) and a loosy blouse, so I can feel warm wind touching my body.
Stefi was in a mood today, you will see her photos in the post ;)

Crème blouse and pumps

Long sleeve can be appropriate in summer, when it's a transparent blouse or thin shirt from linen or silk. The blouse on me is made in India, so you can guess that the material is very thin and baroque embroidery is fully hand made, I also love that basca- it gives a neat touch to full outfit. When I was thinking with what to combine this blouse I immediately took out from my suitcase those mini high-waisted shorts- what esle you can wear on a seaside with tanned legs? ;)

July 1, 2013

Mimosa & Valentino

Hello 1st july! This evening me and my sister spent at  Indian restaurant, I never thought I will fall in love with this kind of food but I totally loved it!
As it's special ocassion we dressed up and felt like two princesses tonight, I wore yellow-mimosa dress with unusual tailoring and my new bag,  my dream of the summer! Stefi wore a pale rose pleated dress. Hope everyone had also a great start of second summer month ;)

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