April 17, 2013

Gentleman Grey

Today was perfect day to finally show you two of my favourite spring pieces from my wardrobe which are : super awesome shirt with basca in 3 colours, and my new laqured brogues.
According to the name of the post, I think this look is a little masculine but with feminine touch :)
I like a lot this style, perfect for anything : school, uni, party and just a walk in sunny day! 

April 16, 2013

DIY- Be Creative!

This spring hand made is my true passion, It's easy and fun way to create and wear something unique and special, designed and matched the way you see it. Most of time we wear clothes and accessories designed by other people, we adore their styles, but for a change, its cool to create something on your own!
This is my 1st "Do It Yourself" post. I made a colier from faux gems on a basic T-shirt. Inspirations were similar T-shirts I already have.
In full post will describe easy steps how to make from a simple T-shirt a unique piece ;)
Enjoy! and Be creative ;)

April 1, 2013

Put your CAP on

I think this kind of style represents me the most!
All time trendy  black and white colour compromise, a mix of girly and sporty pieces, like skater skirt and a snapback cap with leather detail.
Mixing styles is always fun, and I think in this outfit I did a great job! :)
P.S If you want to mix some classic things with some sporty and you are not sure how good it will look, just try to match them by colour, and thiss will be a hundred percent success ! :)
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