October 15, 2013

Golden Autumn

Last weekend our citizens and visitors had a blessing! October was at its best, warm and sunny :) Monday was a day off,because of the City Day, the city itself was wrapped up in a festive atmosphere, decorations, music, shows and all kind of celebrating, in two words- big day for our country. I spent this day with my sister in park, where I haven't took pictures on my blog yet, nature there in any time of the year is fantastic! Let's hope we can get more sunny days like this untill the end of fall, because I so much like the combination of a sweatshirt and leather leggings with classic black leather converse, and and complete absence of any outer wear :)) See more.

October 12, 2013

FAll in Bomber jacket and Cortez

Hello october! And it's my first "proper" autumn look this year, with yellow fallen leaves and colorful trees. It's not so cold yet, but it's already time for coats. Before it gets too cold I wear a lot my paisley print bomber jacket, made from quilted silk, it's lightweight and soft, and I like the bright print, because I am not one of the people who wear only(!) dark clothes when it gets cold outside, come on! you can be bright and colorful and stay warm at the same time! And for sure a colorful peace of your outfit can make you happy on a gloomy day :) 
Also, about this look, as you already know I like a lot all kind of sneakers, and for autumn I like them in leather- I think it looks less sporty and looks good with a classy shirt and a skirt, just like I combined today :) Take a look at my Nike cortez in leather  and stay tuned for more sneakers looks next week :)

October 7, 2013

Do you want to be a Bride?

...Well, I dont! My time hasn't come yet :) This was a photoshooting called "A match made in Heaven" for a project in a local magazine, where I participated as a model. It was my first time wearing a bridal dress and to be honest it's not as comfortable as it should be, but as we all know - beauty requires sacrifice ! So brides are really brave girls, because it's a feat to spend all day and sometimes even night dressed in it :) That's it, take a look at a couple more stunning photos, made in beautiful nature of our country.

September 7, 2013

Instamania #autumn

Zara shirt, Mango maxi skirt
Okay..this autumn happened really fast! Weather got so much colder and sun comes out just for a couple of hours. My classes start in the afternoon and I get free late in the evening, no time for proper photosessions and I decided to make pictures of myself every day, to show you what I wore during this week. I think I will do posts like this more often, accumulate outfits and make weekly posts or something like this, will think about it more :) So here you can check out my outfits I wore at university and some in the last days of august.

August 25, 2013

Grunge girl : Dr.Martens & Longchamp

Hey hey! Another summer post today ! :) 
I am wearing my favorite Dr. Martens shoes, they've been along with me most of summer but are first time on blog :) Printed reversible pants ( another side will show you in another post ) and a backpack - was searching for one since last summer in USA, but couldn'd find one that I will like, but not that long ago this piece from my wish-list became mine, even Longhchamp is a brand for travelers I think it's still appropriate in the city :) See full outfit.

August 20, 2013

Candy crush

Today, I continue with summer posts as promised, my post is called "candy crush" because I am wearing jewellery wich has a tasty colour and shape, and reminds me of something sweet :) 
In this post you will see awesome stone necklace and bracelets, handmaded by my cousin, (it's unique, and its very special for me, I am the only owner of it) flower jeans, and Nike wedge sneakers- at first, when world went crazy about those kind of footwear, I was very skeptical about them, because I stay away from super popular fashion peaces because I don't like to wear that everyone wears ;) Buuuut! When I saw those cute nikes when I was on vacation, with sparkly material, I decided to give them a try, and I think in this outfit they fit just perfect! :) Take a look.

August 19, 2013

Paisley print dress

Hello my blog visitors! Summer comes to end and last half of august promise to post all my favourite outfits of sumer that I haven't shown yet.
This dress  has unusual lenght for me, and style in general. I am used to wear mini or maxi, and  to midi I am new :) But I like a lot this dress, print is very bright and colourful, a real summer dress
Also must mention- this model of dresses has to be worn only with heels or wedges, unless you are super tall :) Take a look! 

August 8, 2013

Maxi Plum

This post is intented not to show my outfit first of all, but the place where the pictures were taken. What brought me there? My childhood! Today, I was looking through my old pictures and I found some photos from this place, a little wood bridge situated in a park nearby my house. And I wanted to go back there today and see if its still there and how it looks nowadays. 
So I wore a maxi dress from a very comfy material, its a savior from mosquitoes, because near also are three lakes :) And added some accessories like straw hat ( Gatsby inspiration) a silk vest and some bracelets. See full outfit ;)

July 10, 2013

Flowers all over

I am back from resort a couple of days already, unfortunately even if you go on vacation for long time it ends so fast :) But summer can be fun in city too, you just need to know places and have good people around :) This was my outfit on monday, went out for a milkshake and cheesecake in a cafe. Silk overall in flower print is perfect cloth for a hot day, you just put it on easily and feel so comfortable in it :)

July 5, 2013

Bikini top

Bikini top and maxi skirt is perfect outfit for an afternoon walk at hotel territory. I love juicy colours around and this atmosphere and tropic flower behind my ear makes me feel so "bounty".

July 4, 2013

Triangle sunset

Sunset and the sea..moments one can only dream about! Of course sea is mostly associated with blue colour so for this photo set I wore those blue skirt/shorts (in full post you will understand what I mean :) and a loosy blouse, so I can feel warm wind touching my body.
Stefi was in a mood today, you will see her photos in the post ;)

Crème blouse and pumps

Long sleeve can be appropriate in summer, when it's a transparent blouse or thin shirt from linen or silk. The blouse on me is made in India, so you can guess that the material is very thin and baroque embroidery is fully hand made, I also love that basca- it gives a neat touch to full outfit. When I was thinking with what to combine this blouse I immediately took out from my suitcase those mini high-waisted shorts- what esle you can wear on a seaside with tanned legs? ;)

July 1, 2013

Mimosa & Valentino

Hello 1st july! This evening me and my sister spent at  Indian restaurant, I never thought I will fall in love with this kind of food but I totally loved it!
As it's special ocassion we dressed up and felt like two princesses tonight, I wore yellow-mimosa dress with unusual tailoring and my new bag,  my dream of the summer! Stefi wore a pale rose pleated dress. Hope everyone had also a great start of second summer month ;)

June 30, 2013

Caramel Lace

For today I chose to renounce on bright screaming colours  and wore this caramel lace dress embellished with flower headband. Sometimes I like this kind of calm and romantic outfits.
Stefi chose today a denim dress with killer accesories, btw I am looking for one of this for a long time ;)

June 29, 2013


This funny blouse I bought almost a year ago in Chicago, I wore it a lot of times but don't know how I haven't got a chance since then to show it in my blog. Well, today is the day and I wear it with a pair of white shorts and red ballerinas. I think it looks smart and cute :) Also, I like to wear this blouse with white converse. 
P.s This is 4th photosession by my sister, she gets better and better, her outfit is in this post too ;)

June 28, 2013

Skirt or Shorts?

As our vacation with my lil sister continues, we continue to have a lot of fun all day and of course- making posts! Today we chose to wear pink gamma, because what colour is most girly and goes better with the tan? Of course pink, all kinds of pink :)
I am really in love with those large shorts, I think they highlight my tanned legs and make them look even longer than they are :) Also in this post- my new sunglasses. Oh...I love summer :)

June 26, 2013

Pink Snake Skin

Today is another sunny hot day, and second photoshoot made by my sister during our vacation.
I am wearing this dress for the first time, my dad bought it for me and told me that its totally my style! Of course, I agree- the unusual style and pink snake print( which I saw just now when editing photos, playing with shadows) make this dress special.
Also, my little fashionista is also posing in this post ;)

Red Japan

Today my inspiration for red and black outfit is the hotel in japanese style where I'm spending my vacation. I usually wait before I get tanned but I decided to start to show my summer outfits, because of exams feels that most of summer is already gone, so I need to get enough of it ! :)

Have to mention, that this photo-shoot is made by my 10 year old sister, with 50 mm lens, I think she did a great job, doing it first time! You will see here pictures of my little photographer too ;)

June 3, 2013

It's Pink Time

3rd day of summer is colder than it's expected to be, but I enjoy it, becuse I know there are many of hot days ahead. So I take the advantage of it and since it's summer I choose to dress warm but still bright and colourful. I chose fuchsia pants and oversized faded denim shirt, and combined with matchy accessories. Check it out :)

May 30, 2013

Rose Roses

This outfit today I wore at my sisters graduation, she finished 4th grade! :)
Its a shame that on the tag of clothes they just write the composition and not the name of fabric (material) because I don't know how its called but it litterally reminds me of texture that covered sofas in 19th century :) Still, I never had something like this before, and thankfully to its thickness it keeps the shape. I combined it all with nude laquered heels and my new Guess bag.

May 19, 2013

Peonies Time

It's time for peonies! Favourite flowers of most of the girls!
All weekend I spent with my sister, awesome weather and awesome mood were our partners this days. We went together to some event that took place in our town and after this made some photos  while walking to the center to have some lunch. I wore a short sleeved blouse with some japanese print wich had peonies on it and bright pink pants with jacquard print on it. My favourite piece of outfit- shoes, check them out! 
P.s pics made by Stefi, my sister :)

April 17, 2013

Gentleman Grey

Today was perfect day to finally show you two of my favourite spring pieces from my wardrobe which are : super awesome shirt with basca in 3 colours, and my new laqured brogues.
According to the name of the post, I think this look is a little masculine but with feminine touch :)
I like a lot this style, perfect for anything : school, uni, party and just a walk in sunny day! 

April 16, 2013

DIY- Be Creative!

This spring hand made is my true passion, It's easy and fun way to create and wear something unique and special, designed and matched the way you see it. Most of time we wear clothes and accessories designed by other people, we adore their styles, but for a change, its cool to create something on your own!
This is my 1st "Do It Yourself" post. I made a colier from faux gems on a basic T-shirt. Inspirations were similar T-shirts I already have.
In full post will describe easy steps how to make from a simple T-shirt a unique piece ;)
Enjoy! and Be creative ;)

April 1, 2013

Put your CAP on

I think this kind of style represents me the most!
All time trendy  black and white colour compromise, a mix of girly and sporty pieces, like skater skirt and a snapback cap with leather detail.
Mixing styles is always fun, and I think in this outfit I did a great job! :)
P.S If you want to mix some classic things with some sporty and you are not sure how good it will look, just try to match them by colour, and thiss will be a hundred percent success ! :)

March 16, 2013

Burberry Rain Boots

Rain-NO, rain boots- YES! Nobody says rain boots should be worn exceptionally in rainy weather, they are also appropriate when you are walking in muddy place, or in a forest having a picnic or being by the lake- like I did. Doesn't it feels good to step wherever without thinking of ruining expensive shoes ? :) 
Talking in particular about my pair- they came to me straight from Canada. Their advantage is that thankfully to inserted fabric(not fully made from rubber) they look more representative which makes them go good with  a dress and other feminine stuff.
And also I must add, Burberry rain boots -this is classic! And a every season must have.

March 13, 2013

Deep Purple

Hey there, my people! Last week weather looks more like autumn than spring, but still trying to take advantage of last chances to wear coat and boots (don't think I will miss them but well...lets say :)) So here is how I wear my purple coat bought in USA Chicago outlet years ago...I think this purple goes great with khaki colour. And of course- stone accessories! The more- the better ;)

March 1, 2013

Pinky March

Finally! My favourite season and month are in action! Yet in middle of winter, I set myself that starting with 1st march no more dark coats! Only fresh, bright, pale colours! :)
Today was a really warm and sunny day, but still not hot enough, but who said you cant have a spring look and stay comfy warm both at same time? Here is my try ;)

February 25, 2013

Diamonds are...forever?

How do you like this diamond photo-printed dress? I got a  little tired from all the  flower and geometrical prints so this idea is awesome, especially when all the bling-bling theme is so on right now. I got this dress on sale on my new years vacation trip, and it was just one dress left in xs size, fantastic :) Was it waiting for me?
I wanted to add a stone necklace to it, but couldn't find anything good what I immagine in town and even online,so I made one by myself, with a kind of stones too :) 

February 17, 2013

Mid february choices

For me every year, february is some uncertain season, already not a proper winter, and yet not spring.
So I am kind of confused, should I start wearing some bright and springish clothes or still stay classy winter- dark and wrapped in wool. So I choosed some favourite elements I try to fit in every outfit of mine last winter month <3 Just to get u introduced, main ideas are : Juicy oversized cardigan, natural make up, ripped jeans, navy military coat. read more ;)

January 24, 2013

Rainy walks

 Deciding to deviate from warm and sunny posts, showing you pictures from a walk with my frenchie, It was raining, and it didn't took long, somebody wanted to go back home in his warm place under sofa :) This kind of outfit is pretty much what I usually wear this winter when it's not too cold. 
Also, don't forget to choose what you want to see on the preview on my next posts ( left corner)

January 23, 2013

Blog Anniversary 1 year :)

Can't believe it's been A YEAR!
  Time flyes by really fast, I can remeber how I was excited about my first post just like it was yesterday ! So..I decided to celebrate it with a sunny-so-not-winterish post, hope you won't blame me, because that's exactly how I spent it! 
Also, I would like to share some statistics with my dear readers. Most of viewers, of course , are from Moldova, my hometown, so far 15996 views, second place takes Russia- 1229, 3rd goes to USA-1183. 4th Ukraine- 1005 and 5th is UK- 729. Around 620 views my blog got from Germany, France, and Netherlands each, and 570 Brazil and Romania, also each. Also, I get visitors from Canada, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, and some unique visitors from Australia , China, Japan  Kazakhstan and India. I want to thank everyone for that, and even I'm not mantaining my blog updated permanently, I still love it and hope stylish people around the world also enjoy stopping by sometimes, and see what a girl from a little country is doing, where traveling and what wearing :) In the end of this celebratory post, I would like to ask you to participate in a survey on the left top of main page, this will help me a lot in arrangment of my blog! :) 

Thank you and Happy Birthday to this little passion of mine :)

January 18, 2013

New Year's Eve

 Finally, showing my New Years outfit. Girls always look for something special to wear on this magic night, running nervously through the stores in last days. I always do the opposite, I search an outfit way before a special ocassion, usually ordering online. For the matter of that dress I am presenting today- I had it kept for a while, and was really excited when I finnaly wore it :)
New Year was amazing, especially when you look great in such a dress like this :)

January 14, 2013

Red and Birds

I feel really blessed to wear clothes like these in the middle of winter, +18 and great mood is guaranteed! :) This is my outfit for a shopping day me and my friend had during our stay in sunny heaven. Red is not really my colour, but I say YES to red accessories :) 

January 10, 2013

It's all about the HAT

 As keeping showing pictures from my winter vacation, I present you a new piece of accessories in my wardorobe- a hat. I couldn't immagine myself wearing one, but I saw it in store, tryed it on and I totally was missing it in my style ! :) It matches with a lot of clothes of mine in this season so I wear it all the time, a good replacement for chunky winter  caps, what you think? :)

January 7, 2013

My goodbye to 2012

Hello to my darling readers from a warm place ! :) 
I've noticed that lately only my trips inspire me on doing posts, being so busy in everyday life so only on vacation I can restore my passion and show you not only what I am wearing but also share my emotions and positive moments of my life with you:) 
Here are pictures from my last day in 2012, I spent it by the sea, wearing my favourite clothes. Call it sporty, call it chic - it's up to you !

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