January 27, 2015

Cortina D'Ampezzo

Hey everyone who is still here :) Time to write about my winter vacation! But before that, I want to share with you some of my thoughts. Lately I don't run my blog as often as I did before, for many reasons-lack of time, no inspiration, no photographer who can take pictures of me and many more. Desire to write appeares only when I travel, when I see new things that I want to share here. So I was thinking on giving up my blog, and once I was going through my old posts I suddenly realized that this blog is a true diary! entries of my life, memories about beautiful, fun and good things that happened in my life, which most of all I don't remeber in details! And right that moment, I chaged my mind, I won't stop posting, even once in a while, for you, for me, and for my memories, because I believe there is still so much ahead in my life that I will want to share here and to remember :)So I ain't leaving this place :))

Okay! Now let's see how was my Italian vacation.
Our first destination was Cortina D'Ampezzo, resort for skiing. We lived right in city center of Cortina, full of fancy restaurants and stores, weather was sunny all week we've been there, air was so clear that I did not even felt my breathing :) We've walked a lot, drank Italian wine a lot, had a couple of neat dinners, took a ride to see ski race, and that's about it :) I did some descriptions under photos also, read more and stay tuned! Milano post coming soon! xoxo

2 hours flight, 5 hours ride, and we are here in our hotel "Ambra"
Real Christmas atmosphere in the hotel :)
1st photo in Cortina :)
1st moring, ready to discover :P

Hot wine between walks
Ready for dinner )

"Baita Pie Tofana" Reastaurant, situated on the mountain was super delicious!!)

fish assorted tartar

deer tartar

Very nice looking pear dessert (not mine) :D

normal desert )))

Festive atmosphere

As I said- there were a lot of fancy stores. Those shoes cost 6000 € (Alexander McQueen) I still think they are fun ;D

another quet sunny day ;)
selfie before another dinner ;) Like my hat?)

"Il Vizietto" Fish Restaurant

Octopus appetizer

No, I didn't buy it :D

Didn'd buy this fox hat too. And now regreting it :( Only thing that cheers up this fact that winter is over soon )))

We are high!! (I mean, on mountain) Faloria,Cortina

Only here we could see all white, no snow down there. Global warming? )

not the best photo, but the only one I have :) Entrance of Cristallo Hotel, place where we had Russian Christmas Dinner

Traditional russian salad "Olivier"

Salmon apetiser

Vodka for guys :) served very cool

appetizers for wine :) yum!!!

Langoustines!! If u remeber my post from summer in Trieste, you know how much I love it!!!

Arrived at ski race :)

Not a huge fan but I know for sure these guys are famous!!! :))

The day we took a trip in mountains searching for some well known lake wich we didnt find but still took a photo :)))

Fresh air makes u happy instantly :))

And this is our last dinner in Cortina, restaurant "Tivoli" has Michelin stars and its the place where I tried pigeon meat for the first time in my life :) Yes it was good.

And this is it! You may wonder why there is no photos of breakfast and lunch, how come they ate one time a day?)) The thing is- breakfast was very boring and same every day, lunches were tipical italian (pizza,  rizzotto) also we went to a burger house once, but didnt take a photo of that :)
Hope you enjoyed it !

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