October 15, 2013

Golden Autumn

Last weekend our citizens and visitors had a blessing! October was at its best, warm and sunny :) Monday was a day off,because of the City Day, the city itself was wrapped up in a festive atmosphere, decorations, music, shows and all kind of celebrating, in two words- big day for our country. I spent this day with my sister in park, where I haven't took pictures on my blog yet, nature there in any time of the year is fantastic! Let's hope we can get more sunny days like this untill the end of fall, because I so much like the combination of a sweatshirt and leather leggings with classic black leather converse, and and complete absence of any outer wear :)) See more.

October 12, 2013

FAll in Bomber jacket and Cortez

Hello october! And it's my first "proper" autumn look this year, with yellow fallen leaves and colorful trees. It's not so cold yet, but it's already time for coats. Before it gets too cold I wear a lot my paisley print bomber jacket, made from quilted silk, it's lightweight and soft, and I like the bright print, because I am not one of the people who wear only(!) dark clothes when it gets cold outside, come on! you can be bright and colorful and stay warm at the same time! And for sure a colorful peace of your outfit can make you happy on a gloomy day :) 
Also, about this look, as you already know I like a lot all kind of sneakers, and for autumn I like them in leather- I think it looks less sporty and looks good with a classy shirt and a skirt, just like I combined today :) Take a look at my Nike cortez in leather  and stay tuned for more sneakers looks next week :)

October 7, 2013

Do you want to be a Bride?

...Well, I dont! My time hasn't come yet :) This was a photoshooting called "A match made in Heaven" for a project in a local magazine, where I participated as a model. It was my first time wearing a bridal dress and to be honest it's not as comfortable as it should be, but as we all know - beauty requires sacrifice ! So brides are really brave girls, because it's a feat to spend all day and sometimes even night dressed in it :) That's it, take a look at a couple more stunning photos, made in beautiful nature of our country.

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