October 28, 2014

Classy White Shirt

A lot of people think that a white shirt should be worn exceptionally to work, office or a official meeting. I don't think so, and I want to give you a couple of tips how to make your simple white shirt look stylish for a party or just a simple day. Last week we had a celebration with my bf, we chose a fancy place for dinner and when I choosed that I want to wear a white shirt- these were my next steps:
  • Iron with steam 
  • roll up the sleeves ( in order to give it a relaxed look) 
  • leave your neck unbuttoned
  • wear a necklace (or chunky earrings) 
  • Curl your hair and leave it loose on one side
Voilà, your are ready! 
What you want to wear down its up to you! Skirt, skinny jeans with heels, high waisted shorts...whatever you choose will look perfect with your white shirt. Try it, it's easy :)
See more photos and my curling wand :) 

  • MNG shirt
  • Swarovski necklace

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