January 30, 2012


Past days it's been very cold outside, so a couple of my outfits that I chose to photograph are waiting in the closet for a better weather. 
As I keep telling- nail polishes are my passion, I have tones of little bottles filled with colours so once in a while I will be writing about lacquers. 
Here are the three of them, which this winter I use the most.

OPI- "the colour to watch"
CHANEL-532 peridot
ORLY-space cadet

I call them- COSMIC! :)


January 24, 2012


Sunny day again!
Today, I tried to focus on details in my outfit, I don't usually wear a big amount of jewellery, so two  pieces -necklace and a massive ring look just perfect to me.
I took out my big bag which I use for caring my stuff at university, in free time I preffer smal  handbags and clutches, but since I have a blog, I need to care my camera with me, so back to capacious ones :)
And here my brogues again- comfortable and stylish both at same time.

January 23, 2012

Brogues and cape- a perfect match.

Today I woke up early, due to my one of the hardest exams which I had today in the afternoon. 
When I saw such a sunny weather outside I decided to take some pictures in my garden before I leave.
So, here are my number one favourites- brogues and cape. This is my first cape I ever had, but I bet it's not the last :)

Let's start :)

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to my very first blog, which I was thinking to create for a long time....but, like a tattoo on my friends wrist says- "the time is now" :) 
 I am a 20 years old Law student at a State University of Moldova, all I do- is study now, so hope this blog will take me to a new world :)
I am not a kind of very communicative person, but there happen to be things that I want to share, so be ready to read a lot about my loves-my dog, my little sister, and other things I'm passionate about- like nail polishes, jewellery, books and of course- fashion :) 

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