April 30, 2012

In the wood

This weekend happened to be very hot- 30 C, no kidding!So the best way to spend your day is just relaxing in the shade in some quet place like me and my friend found. Talking, eating fruits, doing manicure...yeah, this is what I love hot weather for ;)

April 28, 2012

Botanical Garden

This comfy outfit I wore the next day after my arrival for a nice afternoon at botanical garden where I've been for last time a long time ago, I used to leave near this place and been there a frequent guest. Now, its situated on the other end of city but after this day I for sure will come back there for interflow with nature and shootings.Oh, this is so inspiring! :)

April 26, 2012

Yummy pastels

Finally rainy days are over and it is possible to wear pale colours and to feel comfortable. I never thought colours like this will fit me, but as it got trendy this season I could not resis trying on too, and to be honest I love the result! I look forward on getting tanned so this colours will look more showily. As you understand, I start showing you my purchases from Italy. Also in this post, what I got in duty free, unfortunately I had just about 10 minutes but I still managed to do great job! Enjoy :)

April 25, 2012


 In my last post about Italy I want to share with you pictures from Museo Centrale di Risorgimento, exhibition of an unique artist- Salvador Dalí. We absolutely randomly found the ad about this thing going on and I am very happy I got a chance to see some of the greatest works of one of my favourite artists. To take pictures was strictly prohibited, but I got a chance to make couple of them while security was taking break from making  comments to me :)
Also in this post tour we made that day- Piazza Campitelli, Teatro Marcello situated near by, Ponte Garibaldi and Island on river Tevere. Hope you enjoyed the trip with me to Rome :)

April 24, 2012


Piazza di Spagna, beautiful part of the center, always full of tourists no matter what time of the day it is on the watch. We climbed the stairs wich are called Scalinata Trinita dei Monti and riched the church- Trinita dei Monti. From there walked to the Villa Medici and after we had lunch in a very cute restaurant not far from Via del Corso.

April 23, 2012


The Coliseum, a great amphiteatre the largest ever build in Roman Empire. This building is really impressive, but to be honest I've expected something a lot bigger to see, although it was capable of seating 50,000 spectators. After Coliseum we took a walk to the most beautiful building I ever seen- Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II. Pictures outside the Coliseum are made in a different day, not the one we took a tour inside, I will start with them.

April 22, 2012

Fontana di Trevi, Pantheon, P.zza Navona

I managed to see this three places in one day, and even more. The plan for each day was like this : after breakfast visiting showplaces, historical buildings, having lunch and in the afternoon shopping, mostly done at Via del Corso. So as you can guess I walked a lot during this week, in average 7-8 hours a day. What I claped eyes on- is that Rome is full of gorgeous fountains, and practically every corner of this city has an old history and rich past.


On the first day in Rome I visited Vatican, It was sunday - 1st day of Easter, so seeing the Pope on this day was very symbolic. The weather this day was very changeable so I had to wear something practical in case it rains, you can see this tense clouds above the Basilica S.Petro.

April 21, 2012

Vacanze Romane

Tonight I got back from my trip to Italy, I've been there for the first time and I am very impressed by all the things I saw and the fun time I had. Most exciting things that happened to me is that I saw the Pope of Rome  and visited exhibition of genious Salvador Dalí. I was very interested in visiting Rome because of it's history that goes back in time and also because last year by my university programm I was studying Roman private law and having all the knowledge in use when you can see it with your own eyes makes it even more believable. Before I sort out all my pictures in proper posts here are some mixed pictures of different days :)

April 13, 2012


Before taking off for my Easter vacation here is a quick post about things I take in first place, like camera, cosmetics and of course outfits that I plan to wear, hope the weather will let me do that :)
I will try to keep in touch but for sure wait for a lot of posts after I am back.
Wonderful holidays my readers!

April 11, 2012

All star

While taking photos  for today's post my camera suddenly died at the moment I was shooting details, so, I had no time to charge it and I decided to improvise with my phone and surprisingly photos are not bad :)Now, talking about outfit  I was wanting for a while to show you this dress, bought more than a year ago in Germany, I super love it for spring because of short sleeve but thick texture before it's too warm, all the more it saves me from cold wind wich still is not leaving our city.

April 5, 2012


 Finally it got warm enough so I could wear this light and delicate outfit and I am so in love with it :) To be honest, I often do have outfits in my mind wich are left for a "warmer day", and when this day comes, I feel too hot in clothes thet I kept. So, this happened today with my sweater. But, I like it so much, so I will leave it in my closet for the late spring evenings, when its still hot, but sun goes down,gets windy and you want something soft on your skin  ;)
 Enjoy my sunny pinky pics! 

April 2, 2012

Rock and roll

For today I chose this neat/rough look. I don't like to be dressed all in black except its not a evening occasion, so durind the day I mix up black details with some other colours- in this outfit main characters are my purple skirt and this chunky necklace. Also I must mention,black leather jacket and spikes( on my heels) were and always will be a symbol of rockstars and rock culture, that's why I called this post this way :)

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