March 10, 2015

Milano 2015

Duomo di Milano

Hello everyone, as promised- Milano post!
But...unfortunately when I started preparing photos I realised that it's just few of them on my phone..probably thats because I was not the first time in Milano and not so excited as I was 1st time :) All three days we were just severely shopping and storming the stores, and between that we had some delicious food (never tired to say again- Italian food is best!!)) Don't have phtos with a bunch of boutique bags, because by the time they all accumulated I was thinking only about getting to the hotel  and taking off my shoes as soon as possible, instead of posing...but...thats my bad :)
Anyway, I added a couple of photos, that will give you an immage about our short stay in the capital of shopping :)) see you soon!

January 27, 2015

Cortina D'Ampezzo

Hey everyone who is still here :) Time to write about my winter vacation! But before that, I want to share with you some of my thoughts. Lately I don't run my blog as often as I did before, for many reasons-lack of time, no inspiration, no photographer who can take pictures of me and many more. Desire to write appeares only when I travel, when I see new things that I want to share here. So I was thinking on giving up my blog, and once I was going through my old posts I suddenly realized that this blog is a true diary! entries of my life, memories about beautiful, fun and good things that happened in my life, which most of all I don't remeber in details! And right that moment, I chaged my mind, I won't stop posting, even once in a while, for you, for me, and for my memories, because I believe there is still so much ahead in my life that I will want to share here and to remember :)So I ain't leaving this place :))

Okay! Now let's see how was my Italian vacation.
Our first destination was Cortina D'Ampezzo, resort for skiing. We lived right in city center of Cortina, full of fancy restaurants and stores, weather was sunny all week we've been there, air was so clear that I did not even felt my breathing :) We've walked a lot, drank Italian wine a lot, had a couple of neat dinners, took a ride to see ski race, and that's about it :) I did some descriptions under photos also, read more and stay tuned! Milano post coming soon! xoxo

November 30, 2014

Four ways to wear "Russian Scarf"

Hello dear readers ! Today I present  a photosession made for a magazine. The concept of this project cosists in combining 3-4 outfits with one accessory piece- respectively russian scarf. From all the diversity of scarfs I chose this one in ivory colour with mostly pinky pattern, I think this combination fits best my face colour, hair and eyes :) Also I cannot mention that this ornaments remind me a lot of "Etro" designs. As winter is almost here, looks chosen by me are all warm,but not less stylish :)
See all outfits in full post and read the article (in russian) HERE.

November 2, 2014

Maleficent for Halloween

Massimo Dutti bag / Rabbit fur colar / hand made "Maleficent" horns
 Halloween in Moldova is not such  a big holiday as in United States, but every year people more and more start to dress up and go out to party. This year it happened to be friday so the city was full of "scary" people. I decided to be Maleficent, very spontaneously, only thing I bought for my outfit- were the horns, all the rest I found in my warderobe. Also I put the accent on my makeup. 
In full post you can see how I did my makeup and my full outfit. Hopefully soon will come out professional photos from the night and I will show them too.

October 29, 2014

YSL Kiss & Blush

Hey there! today I decided to make a beauty post wich you know, I don't do much, But I thought it will be good to show you my favourite product since summer, when I got my first kiss&blush bottle. As you might notice- kiss&blush it's called because you can use it on cheeks(as a blush) and on lips. Now my collection consits of 3, and from the first sight it looks like they are the same but that's no true, in this post I tried to show you each one of them in detail.
Why do I like it? Because of:
  1. Rich colors
  2. Soft mat texture
  3. 2 in 1 savior for trips
  4. It's compact, fits even in a small clutch
  5. And it's easy to use, for a fast make up
Open full post for swatches and pictures of me wearing it.

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