March 18, 2014

Le parfumerie

As you can see christmass tree this post had to be posted a while ago, but well, I think it's never late to write about parfums :)
I want to share with you two of my favourite fragrances that I used mostly all winter. Also, this two brands I descovered not that long time ago. Jo Malone London and Montale Paris - both have very strong flavors , made from unusual ingredients, both brands make fragrances for man/woman and unisex. Jo Malone make also fragrances for home, skin care products and others, and their packaging is very neat, a lot of boxes and ribbons, wich makes it even more special :) Montale Paris scents are very mysterious, you can find something oriental and arabic in them, and very unique scents like wood, spices, fruits, flowers.
I think your perfume is also something what represents you, not only clothes that you are wearing :) 

March 5, 2014

Favourite things from Milano

As I promised I am showing you my favourite things bought in Milano, although it was sales time I bought just few things on discount, most of them were new collection, I am not very lucky in the matter of sales, not very often is left what I like, maybe thats because we arrived in Milano on the 7th day or so as the sales started, so probably the coolest things were already bought :)
I tried to combine some things in one photo so it will help you to imagine the look in my vision, the way I like it:)
Hopefully when it gets warmer outside I will show you rest of purchases in my outfit posts :)
Next time I will tell you about my favourite rare perfumes, stay tuned ;)

February 12, 2014

Milano, Capital of shopping!

Ciao, Milano! So as we got down from mountains we arrived directly to Milano! A city that every girl dreams to visit :) Our hotel was situated right in center so all most beautiful that exist in this city was at our feet :) Besides shopping walks, places that we visited were Castello Sforzesco, Piazza del Duomo, Sforzesco park, and even Andy Warhol exibition thats took place in Palazzo Reale.
It was amazing time! Tasty Italian  food with awesome wine, neat restaurants, beautiful people in beautiful place! Everything was just perfect :) Also, during days I've been there Milano Men's Fashion Week was in action! So city was full of super stylish people, especially men :) 
Enjoy photos, and I will make later a post about favourite things purchased there :)

February 3, 2014

Livigno & St. Moritz

After holiday in Alps I feel like a new born! Fresh air, beautiful nature, oh I want to go back :) 
Our hotel was situated on a high of 1800 meters above the see, but the highest point I've been to is 3000 meters high. Is in necessary to tell about the gorgeous view? :) 
Well, this place is not really about the fashion, most of the time people wear ski costumes or somethig warm and comfortable. Those who don't ski or snowboard also can have a lot of fun there, you can spend time in spa wich are common there or walk in the city, drink hot wine and do shopping, all the famous brands are here, and because this area is near Switzerland, all the goods are duty free :) I was wating to start shopping in Milano, but still bought some things there from Max&Co, Ralph Lauren, Moschino and some more :) In general,for me it was a lazy holiday. 
We picked up one day for a trip to St. Moritz, and I am telling you, what people say about this place- is true! Rich, beautiful, luxury...those words totally describe it! We got there by famous train- the railway  belonging to UNESCO World Heritage , more precisely, this railway is a masterpiece of engineering (
Enjoy the photos and my next post will be about Milano ;)

January 27, 2014

Warsaw, Poland.

Warsaw impressed me more than any other European city I have visited. Center is huge and is divided in two parts- Old city and New city, and most of it is pedestrian street. Also, I've been there a week before Christmas, so you can immagine how beautiful was the city decorated, especially at night. Our flight was from Odessa airport, so we drove there and spend evening and morning there. We've been in Warsaw not so much time, but we managed to see a lot of places, this city is full of historical pieces, monuments almost at every corner. Traditional restaurants are a godsend for tourists who are always hungry, like us :) really a very special cousine where you can try everything oldstyle cooked. Enjoy the photos, take a trip to Warsaw with me :)

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