January 24, 2013

Rainy walks

 Deciding to deviate from warm and sunny posts, showing you pictures from a walk with my frenchie, It was raining, and it didn't took long, somebody wanted to go back home in his warm place under sofa :) This kind of outfit is pretty much what I usually wear this winter when it's not too cold. 
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January 23, 2013

Blog Anniversary 1 year :)

Can't believe it's been A YEAR!
  Time flyes by really fast, I can remeber how I was excited about my first post just like it was yesterday ! So..I decided to celebrate it with a sunny-so-not-winterish post, hope you won't blame me, because that's exactly how I spent it! 
Also, I would like to share some statistics with my dear readers. Most of viewers, of course , are from Moldova, my hometown, so far 15996 views, second place takes Russia- 1229, 3rd goes to USA-1183. 4th Ukraine- 1005 and 5th is UK- 729. Around 620 views my blog got from Germany, France, and Netherlands each, and 570 Brazil and Romania, also each. Also, I get visitors from Canada, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, and some unique visitors from Australia , China, Japan  Kazakhstan and India. I want to thank everyone for that, and even I'm not mantaining my blog updated permanently, I still love it and hope stylish people around the world also enjoy stopping by sometimes, and see what a girl from a little country is doing, where traveling and what wearing :) In the end of this celebratory post, I would like to ask you to participate in a survey on the left top of main page, this will help me a lot in arrangment of my blog! :) 

Thank you and Happy Birthday to this little passion of mine :)

January 18, 2013

New Year's Eve

 Finally, showing my New Years outfit. Girls always look for something special to wear on this magic night, running nervously through the stores in last days. I always do the opposite, I search an outfit way before a special ocassion, usually ordering online. For the matter of that dress I am presenting today- I had it kept for a while, and was really excited when I finnaly wore it :)
New Year was amazing, especially when you look great in such a dress like this :)

January 14, 2013

Red and Birds

I feel really blessed to wear clothes like these in the middle of winter, +18 and great mood is guaranteed! :) This is my outfit for a shopping day me and my friend had during our stay in sunny heaven. Red is not really my colour, but I say YES to red accessories :) 

January 10, 2013

It's all about the HAT

 As keeping showing pictures from my winter vacation, I present you a new piece of accessories in my wardorobe- a hat. I couldn't immagine myself wearing one, but I saw it in store, tryed it on and I totally was missing it in my style ! :) It matches with a lot of clothes of mine in this season so I wear it all the time, a good replacement for chunky winter  caps, what you think? :)

January 7, 2013

My goodbye to 2012

Hello to my darling readers from a warm place ! :) 
I've noticed that lately only my trips inspire me on doing posts, being so busy in everyday life so only on vacation I can restore my passion and show you not only what I am wearing but also share my emotions and positive moments of my life with you:) 
Here are pictures from my last day in 2012, I spent it by the sea, wearing my favourite clothes. Call it sporty, call it chic - it's up to you !

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