February 25, 2013

Diamonds are...forever?

How do you like this diamond photo-printed dress? I got a  little tired from all the  flower and geometrical prints so this idea is awesome, especially when all the bling-bling theme is so on right now. I got this dress on sale on my new years vacation trip, and it was just one dress left in xs size, fantastic :) Was it waiting for me?
I wanted to add a stone necklace to it, but couldn't find anything good what I immagine in town and even online,so I made one by myself, with a kind of stones too :) 

February 17, 2013

Mid february choices

For me every year, february is some uncertain season, already not a proper winter, and yet not spring.
So I am kind of confused, should I start wearing some bright and springish clothes or still stay classy winter- dark and wrapped in wool. So I choosed some favourite elements I try to fit in every outfit of mine last winter month <3 Just to get u introduced, main ideas are : Juicy oversized cardigan, natural make up, ripped jeans, navy military coat. read more ;)

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