May 22, 2012

In the Navy

 During hot season I don't wear jeans at all, because it's too hot in them, but those navy pants made from thin denim are real saviors! Today I wore them with neon pink top, bow sandals and turquoise nail polish ;)

May 17, 2012

Hot Orange

 I was thinking a while with what to combine this orange blouse, thought black trousers or jeans would be too trivial, so I went with this beige riding-breeches pants. I like this bright and at the same time calm outfit. Color-block leather sandals perfecly finish this look! :)

May 13, 2012

Polo Tee

 May of this year is very hot, so this gives a great opportunity to spend the weekend outside the dusty city, that's what I did! Also, that day pool season was proclaimed! :) I choose to wear mini denim shorts and a polo tee, casual sporty outfit is my favourite for this kind of activities.

May 12, 2012


 Neon details wich are so trendy this spring and for sure will be in summer- seem to be very naughty to me, so making up this look I thought pastels with neons can go together very well. Neon pink nails and neon yellow heels- thats what makes people to turn around their heads ;)

May 7, 2012

Vanilla dress

 This dress was the first thing that I got in my hands when I entered Zara store while shopping in Rome, but story does not end here. After paying the check, caring bags to the exit with a great mood we saw a strong rain going on so we had to figure out something because we had no umbrella with us. While being inside and waiting the rain to stop I decided to take a look on the purchases I just made and Oh no! The dress was not here! Of course I went back to the cash register, the dress was untouched at the corner of the table, salesclerk just didn't see it. So thanks to the rain! :) I know, If I left I could come back or find the same dress in another store  but only thing I could worry about- this was the last one in my size, and no warranty it will be in another store. So, this story makes this dress even more special for me :)

May 2, 2012

Spiraea japonica

Yesterday blossomed a plant from my yard- "white spirae japonica" and as it blooms just for couple of days I could not miss the chance to take pictures next to it in my new white blouse which I wore today. Also its hot enough to wear sandals, so I took out my white wedges ;)
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