January 27, 2014

Warsaw, Poland.

Warsaw impressed me more than any other European city I have visited. Center is huge and is divided in two parts- Old city and New city, and most of it is pedestrian street. Also, I've been there a week before Christmas, so you can immagine how beautiful was the city decorated, especially at night. Our flight was from Odessa airport, so we drove there and spend evening and morning there. We've been in Warsaw not so much time, but we managed to see a lot of places, this city is full of historical pieces, monuments almost at every corner. Traditional restaurants are a godsend for tourists who are always hungry, like us :) really a very special cousine where you can try everything oldstyle cooked. Enjoy the photos, take a trip to Warsaw with me :)

January 23, 2014

3 Months of silence..and traveling ! :)

Okay! Finally back to my blog :) I know, I's been a while, a lot of changes in my life and I am very very happy, and honestly, can't wait to share some moment with you, my readers :) I will try to mantain my activity here and not ot leave this place for so long again.
So, for past 3 months I've been in Milano, Livigno, Moscow, St.Moritz, Odessa , and Warsaw. All the trips mostly lasted for 4 days max, except Italy, there I've been on my winter vacation.
I have a lot of random photos, wich I start sharing here. Let's start with Moscow :)
...to be continued.

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