March 10, 2012

Out of Town

This sunny day I spent out of town, celebrating an event with my family.
It's always great to change your usual background for a day and leave the city, get fresh air and get inspired with new ideas. Weather is getting better so this kind of trips will happen often.
see more! :) xxx

 All snow in the city is already gone...but here- is still winter:) a sunny winter:)

While I was outside taking pics- Stefi showed up in my jacket! she knows how to get attention :)

Some entourage pieces
this is Mărţişor
Fire in the middle of placement.

We were not fully satisfied with restaurant we've been to, but huge territory and awesome view make it up! :)

ZARA jacket
LEVI'S jeans & belt
MNG foulard
SISLEY boots
PUMA leather jacket
RAY-BAN sunglasses

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