March 8, 2012

8th March- Women's Day!

Today in my country is celebrated International Women's Day, so for the past week it's been a chaos around stores and malls and everywhere- all men are shopping for their lovely girlfriends, wifes, daughters,moms and all the women are shopping for themselves or also presents they want to give :) plus, a lot of promotions and sales on new collections due to this big day.
Here is a part of my favourites things I got, nothing big- but all I've been thinking of for a while.
Details in full post 

Finally I got a pair of Indigo Demi Curve Levi's Jeans. Levi's in my country is quite expensive, two sometimes three times more than in USA. But, this is a good investment- jean's are timeless + they fit me just awesome! :)
MNG foulard- in lemon colour. Love the quality,soft and good for spring:)

GOSH- this  cosmetic brand from Denmark I discovered  2,5 years ago in Kiev, it's in MD now also. Nail polishes are awesome. I already have a small collection of them, so tried out a cream blusher, and some shades(not shown) also from gosh. what can I say? so far-so good!I like.

For this manicure I used 006 ATTITUDE and 607 CRISPY CORAL
Diva lucky bracelets.

 Levi's belt for new jeans :)

 MANGO candies- was a sweet surprise for my baby sister. She grabbed a bunch of them but for me she selected just this much :))

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