March 17, 2012


My outfit of today looks a bit retro to me:
 burgundy colour, flowers and my hairstyle- done right away when I got my haircut :)
This post is full of interior pieces of a place where I had my lunch today, I just couldn't stand- kept shooting everything :) 

inspired by Lana Del Rey :)

I was wearing:

NINE WEST brogues
ZARA trousers&shirt
SWAROVSKI earrings
CHANEL nailpolish
RADO watch 


  1. hello!!!!! im impressed and also glad to found your blog! and i really mean it! love your lana del rey inspired look specially the flower shirt! :) really cute pictures!
    definitely ill be your new follower!!!
    hopw you can risit mine and follow each other!
    Kisses Ale


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