January 23, 2014

3 Months of silence..and traveling ! :)

Okay! Finally back to my blog :) I know, I's been a while, a lot of changes in my life and I am very very happy, and honestly, can't wait to share some moment with you, my readers :) I will try to mantain my activity here and not ot leave this place for so long again.
So, for past 3 months I've been in Milano, Livigno, Moscow, St.Moritz, Odessa , and Warsaw. All the trips mostly lasted for 4 days max, except Italy, there I've been on my winter vacation.
I have a lot of random photos, wich I start sharing here. Let's start with Moscow :)
...to be continued.

So, Moscow was a starter, after this city happend all the following travelings :)

Main reason of this was attendig a wedding, the rest of the time was spent seeing some friends and fun time in the city. It was not so cold yet but felt like it's freezing...after vacation in mountains I know it was yet not so cold there ( wait until you see my post from Livigno) I guess it was my 2nd time I visit capital of Russia, and all I can say it a big contrast life there and life in europe :)

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  1. I' so happy you're back! Looking foward to see new upcoming posts of you, and sharing your experience with us!



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