February 17, 2013

Mid february choices

For me every year, february is some uncertain season, already not a proper winter, and yet not spring.
So I am kind of confused, should I start wearing some bright and springish clothes or still stay classy winter- dark and wrapped in wool. So I choosed some favourite elements I try to fit in every outfit of mine last winter month <3 Just to get u introduced, main ideas are : Juicy oversized cardigan, natural make up, ripped jeans, navy military coat. read more ;)

  • Oversized cardigans are always on top, I like them knitted, but for spring u can choose a thinner fabric and a brighter colour. In this model I especially like the color blocking theme ;) I wear it with basic T-shirt and a matching necklace.

  • Talking about make up, this month my choise is YSL and nothing else. Mascara, peachy blush, and pale lipstick- perfect daily make up.

  •  Ripped jeans is something I used to wear my early teenage years. I guess  now its even cooler than  then!

  •  Beaded bracelets. something I will never give up. Love jewellery, and the more, the better.
  •  Navy military coat. It's a pure all time musthave! I traded this one, on similar one I had for like 5 years ( You can see it HERE one of my 1st posts since having a blog )

MNG cardigan, T-shirt
YSL mascara, blush, lipstick.
ZARA coat, jeans
All Star Converse
Self made necklace
Hand made bracelets

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