June 26, 2013

Red Japan

Today my inspiration for red and black outfit is the hotel in japanese style where I'm spending my vacation. I usually wait before I get tanned but I decided to start to show my summer outfits, because of exams feels that most of summer is already gone, so I need to get enough of it ! :)

Have to mention, that this photo-shoot is made by my 10 year old sister, with 50 mm lens, I think she did a great job, doing it first time! You will see here pictures of my little photographer too ;)

Traditional Thai bracelet brought from there by my friend ;)


ZARA skirt & shirt & shoes
Bracelet- from Thailand

1 comment:

  1. I'm surprised that no one has written anything about your post.Both of you represent the embodiment of beauty and love on earth. Aphrodite, Venus, Grace, Vanadis, Lakshmi, Freya should be envy)))the only thing is missing a picture where you are together ;)


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