March 16, 2013

Burberry Rain Boots

Rain-NO, rain boots- YES! Nobody says rain boots should be worn exceptionally in rainy weather, they are also appropriate when you are walking in muddy place, or in a forest having a picnic or being by the lake- like I did. Doesn't it feels good to step wherever without thinking of ruining expensive shoes ? :) 
Talking in particular about my pair- they came to me straight from Canada. Their advantage is that thankfully to inserted fabric(not fully made from rubber) they look more representative which makes them go good with  a dress and other feminine stuff.
And also I must add, Burberry rain boots -this is classic! And a every season must have.

Burberry rain boots
Zara Leather jacket
Reporter dress 
PNK vest
Gucci bamboo watch
Necklace selfmade

1 comment:

  1. Menudo barrizal maja, menos mal que con esas botas puedes meterte donde quieras.


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