April 16, 2013

DIY- Be Creative!

This spring hand made is my true passion, It's easy and fun way to create and wear something unique and special, designed and matched the way you see it. Most of time we wear clothes and accessories designed by other people, we adore their styles, but for a change, its cool to create something on your own!
This is my 1st "Do It Yourself" post. I made a colier from faux gems on a basic T-shirt. Inspirations were similar T-shirts I already have.
In full post will describe easy steps how to make from a simple T-shirt a unique piece ;)
Enjoy! and Be creative ;)

You will need :
  • Basic T-shirt
  • Needle
  • Thread  matching your T-shirt
  • Gems (you can use plastic or glass)
  • Your Immagination

Gems can be in any colour and size, anyway you want it to be.

I chose a T-shirt from Benneton, love this colour!

Before sewing them on you can try how it will look,more styles, and also calculate how many you will need.

...in process

During sewing I decided to leave it this way, I thought it was already good enough :)

You can try thousands of different ways in combinig by colour, shape, and amount.
Stay tuned for my outfit post in it ! :)

Benetton T-shirt


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