March 18, 2014

Le parfumerie

As you can see christmass tree this post had to be posted a while ago, but well, I think it's never late to write about parfums :)
I want to share with you two of my favourite fragrances that I used mostly all winter. Also, this two brands I descovered not that long time ago. Jo Malone London and Montale Paris - both have very strong flavors , made from unusual ingredients, both brands make fragrances for man/woman and unisex. Jo Malone make also fragrances for home, skin care products and others, and their packaging is very neat, a lot of boxes and ribbons, wich makes it even more special :) Montale Paris scents are very mysterious, you can find something oriental and arabic in them, and very unique scents like wood, spices, fruits, flowers.
I think your perfume is also something what represents you, not only clothes that you are wearing :) 

Blackberry & Bay

Wild Pear, fruit collection

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