April 25, 2012


 In my last post about Italy I want to share with you pictures from Museo Centrale di Risorgimento, exhibition of an unique artist- Salvador Dalí. We absolutely randomly found the ad about this thing going on and I am very happy I got a chance to see some of the greatest works of one of my favourite artists. To take pictures was strictly prohibited, but I got a chance to make couple of them while security was taking break from making  comments to me :)
Also in this post tour we made that day- Piazza Campitelli, Teatro Marcello situated near by, Ponte Garibaldi and Island on river Tevere. Hope you enjoyed the trip with me to Rome :)

The entrance
"Dematerialization Near the Nose of Nero"
"Madonna of Port Lligat"

Famous lip sofa designed by Salvador Dalí

Outside the museum
View from museum- Palatino

"Pigeons" in Rome :))

Teatro Marcello
Vespa...I wish I found an older one..but this one is good too:)

Behind me- Fiume Tevere

A quet patio

Patio where lemons and oranges grow! :)

Zara floweshirt & jacket
Levi's jeans
Guess bag

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  1. Thats my fav artist) But I love you much more <3
    Like this post ;)


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