April 21, 2012

Vacanze Romane

Tonight I got back from my trip to Italy, I've been there for the first time and I am very impressed by all the things I saw and the fun time I had. Most exciting things that happened to me is that I saw the Pope of Rome  and visited exhibition of genious Salvador Dalí. I was very interested in visiting Rome because of it's history that goes back in time and also because last year by my university programm I was studying Roman private law and having all the knowledge in use when you can see it with your own eyes makes it even more believable. Before I sort out all my pictures in proper posts here are some mixed pictures of different days :)

Nice Guardians at Piazza di Spagna

Yellow mood :)

Like my dad said : timeless fiat 500 in timeless city :)
I love pop art since I am 12 :)

Neat hotel Interior

Seafood in Italy is delicious :)

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