February 3, 2014

Livigno & St. Moritz

After holiday in Alps I feel like a new born! Fresh air, beautiful nature, oh I want to go back :) 
Our hotel was situated on a high of 1800 meters above the see, but the highest point I've been to is 3000 meters high. Is in necessary to tell about the gorgeous view? :) 
Well, this place is not really about the fashion, most of the time people wear ski costumes or somethig warm and comfortable. Those who don't ski or snowboard also can have a lot of fun there, you can spend time in spa wich are common there or walk in the city, drink hot wine and do shopping, all the famous brands are here, and because this area is near Switzerland, all the goods are duty free :) I was wating to start shopping in Milano, but still bought some things there from Max&Co, Ralph Lauren, Moschino and some more :) In general,for me it was a lazy holiday. 
We picked up one day for a trip to St. Moritz, and I am telling you, what people say about this place- is true! Rich, beautiful, luxury...those words totally describe it! We got there by famous train- the railway  belonging to UNESCO World Heritage , more precisely, this railway is a masterpiece of engineering (www.rhb.ch)
Enjoy the photos and my next post will be about Milano ;)

View from hotel room. !st day was quite snowy :)
Hot wine- saves you on a cold day and makes you smile :)

Have you seen movie "Up"? well then you must know this guy :)

One of the streets in the city

Spritz- Aperol! evening at the hotel were fun :)

Further days we got plenty of sun!

Christmas night, dinner at the restaurant. Me & my childhood friend :)

I am going to qonquer the Alps! :)))

Hey there :)
Waiting for bus that will take us to train station.
Still waiting...bored :)
Here it Is! Famous train :) Actually this photo was taken at a station where we got lost..went the wrong way...but still I was happy! Because in the end you will alwaysl get what you want.

Small Swiss towns in mountains

Chocolate factory/store. Yum!

House of Hermes.

Champagne Ice Bar

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