May 7, 2012

Vanilla dress

 This dress was the first thing that I got in my hands when I entered Zara store while shopping in Rome, but story does not end here. After paying the check, caring bags to the exit with a great mood we saw a strong rain going on so we had to figure out something because we had no umbrella with us. While being inside and waiting the rain to stop I decided to take a look on the purchases I just made and Oh no! The dress was not here! Of course I went back to the cash register, the dress was untouched at the corner of the table, salesclerk just didn't see it. So thanks to the rain! :) I know, If I left I could come back or find the same dress in another store  but only thing I could worry about- this was the last one in my size, and no warranty it will be in another store. So, this story makes this dress even more special for me :)

Asos clutch
Swarovski earrings
Benetton ballerinas
Zara dress
MNG belt

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